About the Committee

The committee meets approximately 10 times a year. Activities of the committee include fundraising ideas and planning, review of funding projects, and the important task of reviewing bursary applications. As of the end of the 2020 fiscal year, under the management by the Winnipeg Foundation, our Funds have grown to over $320,000, having raised over $250,000. We have awarded over $69,000 in scholarships and bursaries and contributed an additional $7260 towards school projects. We have formalized our constitution for the committee’s activities to move the committee forward in reaching the next goal and to assist new and prospective members understand the history of the fund.

The committee was originally inspired by the efforts of the 50th Reunion Committee and continues to be comprised of Elmwood High Alumni. Current members are:

  • Linda Boughton (Peters), class of 62
  • Colleen Armstrong (Mechlair), class of 73
  • Maureen Robertson, class of 66
  • Dorothy Webster
  • Adam Comeault
  • Doug Danell, class of 63
  • Ken Harder
  • Aubrey Settee, class of 72
  • Alex  Sango-Spence
  • Brenda Boughton

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