About The Fund

The fund was established during the planning for Elmwood High’s 50th Anniversary celebrations to provide funds to assist and motivate Elmwood High School students to further their education. To date, as the fund has grown, we have awarded 9 bursaries!

  • In 2009: Three bursaries of $700 each
  • In 2010: Three bursaries of $800 each
  • In 2011: Three bursaries of $900 each
  • In 2012: To be announced!

We have also provided financial assistance for the Grade 12 ski trip in 2010, funded participation for 12 students to attend a presentation on Human Trafficking in 2011 and assistance for the Grade 7 Spring Camp in 2012.

Great things are happening at Elmwood High. After an almost flawless season, the Elmwood Giants football team made it to the Provincial finals against Daniel McIntyre last fall and we are optimistic for another great season. The new track was unveiled last year and the school was proud to receive Alumni Clara Hughes for an inspirational visit. Elmwood has changed over the years, but true to its working class and immigrant roots, the students at Elmwood are working hard to fulfill their parents’ dreams to achieve and succeed. The commencement ceremony every June is filled with graduates looking for a hand up to continue their education and they appreciate the support of friends, alumni and staff of Elmwood who have contributed to the fund. It is truly rewarding to see their faces as the bursaries are awarded.

The criteria for the bursaries currently include: financial need, community involvement, and extra-curricular activity. While marks are looked at, they are not necessarily the contributing factor and the application includes goals, dreams and personal situation. Bursaries have been awarded for those planning on attending university, community college, trade school, business college, and esthetics training. The committee makes a short list and advises the school of the choices. As we are given the applications ‘blind’ (no names), input is sought from the school as to the appropriateness of our short list. After this is done the committee makes the final decisions. The decisions are always given a lot of thought and discussion, we wish we had more resources from which to award. Over time, we plan to increase both the size and number of bursaries and/or scholarships – and with your support this will come to pass.

Thank you.


EHS Legacy Fund Constitution (updated May, 2013)
EHS Legacy Fund General ByLaw
5-Year Financial Report to December 31, 2012

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