Donor Stories

Thomas Bingham:
Tom was inspired to donate $7,000 to the fund shortly before his passing in early 2011. Tom and his wife, Victoria, made this contribution at the 1st Bud and Spud Fundraiser in October 2010. Why $7,000? As Tom explained, it was $1,000 for each year he attended Elmwood High. Then you must ask how is it that he spent 7 years in high school? I hope I have remembered his answer with all the details. He explained, ‘I came from Lord Selkirk school and started in Grade 9 at Elmwood. I wasn’t the best student, a bit restless, a bit of a handful for some of the teachers. But, the teachers always made me feel welcome. Like many students in the early 60s, I left school after Grade 11 to apprentice as an electrician. However, I kept some ties at Elmwood, and was encouraged to attend part-time, which I did. Unfortunately, during my time as an electrician, I was electrocuted badly, which resulted in memory loss. Consequently, I was forced to re-learn many things, including school-work, and had to take some steps backwards in my learning before I could again go forward. During this time, I married Victoria, who also as a teacher, encouraged me to continue to work toward my high school graduation. Well, all together, it took 7 years. The teachers of Elmwood were always there for me, and now I want to give something back.’ Tom went on to explain that after graduating, he had a successful career as an air traffic controller.

Not all good stories are about donating large sums, some of our smaller sums are just as important:

Another Lord Selkirk/Elmwood High alumni Donated $100. His life had obviously taken many turns, and was now ‘retired’ and living in a small apartment, grateful that his life had turned around, and that he was able to contribute $100 ‘for the kids of Elmwood.’ This was a lot of money for him, but he was glad to do his bit when he heard of others making contributions.

Please tell us your story, and we would be pleased to publish it.

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